Plan a solo vacation

Did you know that there is actually a plan a solo vacation day? Yeees there is. It is on 1st of March every year.

What do you think about going on a vacation alone? Would you dare to do it or not? I use to love solo vacations. When I was without a boyfriend I use to go on a holiday by myself all the time. It was pretty awesome. I also have a very good friend Ana that traveled all around the world on her own and had a blast. If you can’t decide rather to go or not I will give you my reasons why you should have the guts and do it.

1.      Easy planning

This has to be one of the most important reasons of all. It is easy to plan your trip because you are the only person going. You can easily book Arizona Vacation Rentals to have an amazing stay. Also, you book everything for one and believe me, there is always enough space for just one more.

2.      You have an amazing company

Yea you heard me, you will have an amazing company always with you. Who? Oh you silly, you of course. You will be a wonderful company to yourself. You will have a lot of me time and this is always good. You can work out a lot of unanswered questions that you have about your life and no one will bother you.

3.      Selfish traveler

You can for once be a very selfish traveler and just do the things you want to do and not all the things you don’t want to do. Usually when you travel with other people you always have to make compromises, but this time you can just go wherever you want to go and of course do only the things that you want to do.

4.      Talk to strangers

I know your mother always told you that you shouldn’t talk to strangers, but this is different. Solo travelers are special kind of people. If you are a solo traveler you will always like some company and usually solo travelers are very interesting people. They have million stories to tell you and they will always be very interesting. And because you don’t have company with you, you will make a lot of friends on your way.

5.      Become stronger

You will become a stronger person with every journey you will take. Travelling will teach you a lot of things and especially your self-confidence will be rocket high. You will be the only person you can depend on and in the end you will be proud of yourself for doing everything you did on your journey.

I you understood my reasons and you can see yourself doing this on your own then I will give you a hint where to start. Why wouldn’t you start in Bovec and let us help you plan your first solo vacation?

Here I am giving you an example of one weekend package you can reserve:

–          2 nights in a rent a tent

–          2x breakfast in bed

–          1x rafting

–          1x canyoning

Price: 130 €

What is included?

–          Rent a tent

–          Bed, blankets, pillow, linen and a towel

–          Cutlery, a plate, a glass and a mug

–          Electricity in a tent

–          Use of common kitchen

–          Use of shared bathrooms

–          Breakfast

–          Transportation to activities

–          All equipment for activities

–          Tax

–          Tourist tax

Now hurry up and make a reservation for this package. It will be valid till 29.04.2016. This package will help you achieve everything you need to. You will be adventures and sleep in a camping place, but have the comfort of your own tent and a bed. You will meet a lot of new people at the camping place and during the activities. Your self-confidence will be boosting after 2 days. And you will have a crazy story with wicked activities to tell to your friends.

Are you tempted? Hop, hop press a book button and I can guarantee you won’t be sorry!