New year’s photo cards

Novoletna voščilnica 2019

Every winter for the past 5 years, we are making our own Christmas / New year’s photo cards. Every year we try to come up with a new spot in the camp or somewhere in Bovec to make a wonderful camping greetings card. It has become a tradition now and each year we become more and more innovative. The whole team gathers together, makes a fire, drink some tea and has some fun while preparing the photo set. We really hope you like the photos we make, feel the winter in Bovec and Soča valley and see how different the valley and camp Vodenca looks like in the winter time. Below you will see all the photos we have made and of course the new one.

The whole team wishes you a lovely Christmas and an amazing New year. We hope you will spend the holidays exactly the way you like to and have an enormous amounts of fun! We hope the year 2020 will be an awesome one and most of all we really hope to meet you at Camp Vodenca and for all of you who visited us in the past, we would be so excited to see you again!

Enjoy the last days of year 2019 and jump into 2020 happy and full of joy!

Camp Vodenca team

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Soča valley on Christmas 2016.
Christmas card from 2015, taken from Polovnik with Bovec and Soča valley at the back.
Christmas card from 2017.
Christmas card from 2016, taken at the upper part of Camp Vodenca.
Christmas card 2018.
Christmas card from 2017, taken at Camp Vodenca with mountain Rombon at the back.
Christmas card 2019.
Christmas car from last year 2018, at the upper area of Camp Vodenca with mountain Javoršček at the back.
Christmas card 2020
The latest Christmas card from 2019, taken at Camp Vodenca.

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