Why would you come to Bovec?

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word Bovec? To me Bovec represents home, but I know that to tourists Bovec is something totally different. Probably you think of rafting, Kanin or Julian Alps. Bovec truly offers a wide range of sports, that you can do in the air, water or land. I heard somewhere that Bovec is also known as the Slovenian capital of adrenalin sports. 

You can experience the air with tandem paragliding or try out one of the longest Zip-lines in Europe. You can also have some nice climbing in our area. Rivers in our area are full of interesting activities. According to the experts from thecoastalside.com, probably the most popular one is rafting and not long after rafting are canyoning and kayaking. Less known are hydrospeed and sit on top kayaking but they are as much fun as other activities if not more. For all of you who are not really adrenalin junkies, you can simply go hiking or just go for a nice walk around our breathtaking paths. If you need just a bit of adrenalin you can try cycling or mountain biking. And there is something also for those who need adrenalin on every step. We recommend you to try out monster rollers. Adrenalin is guaranteed!

But many people come to Bovec just to relax and rest. Many guests who come to camp say that they only need some peace and quiet and to move away from the everyday rush. Bovec is also perfect place for all of you who would just like to just lie in the grass and read a good book.

So, I am sure that each one of you can find something pleasant to do in our valley!

In my opinion we have in Bovec very special guests. We don’t mention them a lot, but Soča river is most of the time full of them. Did you figure out about who am I talking? Yes, I am talking about fishermen. Fishing is also a sport. It is not an adrenalin sport but I think that it is a very special sport. When I observe a fisherman, I see in them calmness, gracefulness and magnificence. I can imagine that fishing takes a lot of patience and calmness. Fishing on one hand represents to fishermen some kind of meditation and relaxation, but on the other hand it is also some kind of adrenalin rush when you see that you caught something.

Just yesterday it was an international day of going fishing and that is why it seemed right to me to say something about this sport and maybe encourage someone to give this sport a chance. Most of all I would like to emphasize that fishing in Soča is a special kind of experience. Soča has a very special resident . Its name is Soča trout or in Latin Salmo marmoratus. The name marmoratus comes from its skin color pattern, it looks like marble on gray and white base with some red dots.

Because of this special “lady” I am inviting all the fishermen who are thinking of coming here for some time now, to give Soča a try. Pitch a tent in Camp Vodenca or rent an equipped one and GO FISHING! Prices for fishing permits are from 58€ to 73€ for a daily permit and from 147,50€ to 197€ for a 3-day permit. The price varies depending on location of fishing and if you want to keep the fish or release it back in to the river.

For more information about sport activities you can always reach us on our e-mail: info@camp-vodenca.com or just give us a call.

We are certain that we ignited a spark in you and that you can’t wait to try out everything in our stunning valley. So don’t wait for too long, send us a reservation and get ready for a perfect long awaited holidays!